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Schaerer Soul


Pioneer of a new generation

  • Recommended daily output: up to 250 beverages per day
  • Compact width of just 33 cm
  • Maximum variety and top beverage quality thanks to Best Foam™
  • Easy to operate and clean

Ideal for usage in restaurants, bars, offices and vending areas

250 coffee per day best foam milk

The Coffee Soul in restaurants and coffee bars

  • Maximum variety and top beverage quality thanks to Best Foam and the option of storing up to 200 different drink configurations.
  • Large coffee bean hopper with capacity of 1200 grams for 150 to 300 coffee beverages.
  • Powder system with container for chocolate or milk powder for up to 70 beverages.
  • Grounds container for approx. 60-70 grounds cakes.

The Coffee Soul for self-service

  • Display: Intuitive user guidance with quick-selection programme for up to twelve beverages.
  • One cup position for all beverages. Separate outlets prevent contamination of the beverages.
  • Lockable front panel prevents access by third parties.
  • Robust design.
  • Compatible with all common payment systems, on request.

The Coffee Soul for offices and premium vending

  • Top beverage quality for premium vending using fresh milk.
  • Can be extended with the digital solution Schaerer Coffee Link.
  • Easy to clean: Automatic cleaning programme for coffee, milk and powder system.
  • Easy supply/filling.
Have iced coffee from your office coffee machine
Bean to cup coffee options


Systematic descaling
The patent-pending Uptime! descaling system developed by Schaerer is a true innovation: it prevents scale-related malfunctions by prompting you to carry out the necessary descaling in good time. To use the system, simply insert a cartridge and start the descaling process. The coffee machine is ready for use again within a very short amount of time – when the descaling process is started at night, the machine is ready for service first thing in the morning, meaning it won’t interrupt service.


The digital kick for your coffee business

With the innovative Schaerer Coffee Link digital solution, Schaerer is launching a new chapter in the digitalization of professional coffee machines. The Schaerer Coffee Link gives you an unprecedented wealth of analysis and control options for increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness across the entire value chain: from adjusting the assortment of beverages to optimizing the supply chain through to predictive planning of service and maintenance. 

Find out how you can optimize your coffee business with Schaerer Coffee Link.

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