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Schaerer Coffee Soul 10/12

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Customised for your business – new design, 2 models, 3 user interfaces

Thanks to the clever ‘select’ concept, the new Scherer Coffee Soul is more flexible than ever. Choose exactly what you need at your location.

Options, Themes, and Graphical User Interface. Blend seamlessly into your environment and brew your individual coffee beverages, no matter where your soul is.

Perfect for:

  • restaurant
  • Hotel
  • gas station
  • convenience store
  • mobile carts or trailers
  • office

Guests will love the intuitive and easy-to-use operation.

The choice is yours

It’s never been easier:

Configure the machine for your individual coffee drink to suit your needs.

The Coffee Soul 10 The Star Behind The Bar:

With a 10.4-inch display, the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 combines a fresh style with a linear and functional design. It can be used behind the bar as well as in a busy kitchen.

In “Personal Mode”, the machine is very easy to operate, maximizing process reliability and quickly preparing high-quality specialty coffees.

Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 Born to be Seen:

With quality craftsmanship, sophisticated lighting and aesthetic color details, Scherer Coffee Soul is a true eye-catcher. Thanks to three intuitive modes of operation, you can prepare almost any type of coffee your guests desire. The high-definition 12.1-inch display, which can also play videos, not only effectively and attractively presents drinks, but is also ideal for promotional and advertising videos.

One Soul – 3 user interfaces built in by default

  • Guest mode: User-friendly, guided selection of individual drink
  • Heavy users: For regular users who know their favorite drink and want to customize it to their liking.
  • Staff mode: Thanks to our preset drinks, you can prepare them efficiently in just a few steps.

Guaranteed variety of drinks

Hot & Cold – Iced Coffee Automatically

Is the coffee served hot? A special Hot & Cold feature allows you to do both. You can always serve a delicious, fragrant cold drink and add some flavour.

Best Foam

Schaerer’s patented Best Foam™ technology revolutionizes machine coffee preparation and promises barista-level quality. Hot or Cold, Smooth or Creamy and Firm:

So you can make a special milk that your guests will love.

Flavor Point Syrup Station

Flavor Points add even more variety to your coffee with up to 4 different syrups.

Twin Milk – Fresh milk and Oat milk

Expand product range with 2 types of milk such as whole milk and skim milk (2 x 4.5 liter milk containers in cooling unit).

Additional Coffee Blends

Offering a selection of blended coffees:

Install up to three 1200g bean hoppers (instead of powder) and corresponding three high precision low speed grinders. For more espresso variety, you can choose a specially ground grind disc.


Containers for chocolate, milk powder and other powdered drinks (instead of 3rd grinder) are available in two versions.

Single jar for one powder or twin topping jar with dividers for two different powders.

Simultaneous Operation

Simultaneous delivery of hot water and coffee by a third boiler.

Flavour Point

Flavour Point Syrup Station brings variety to any drink menu.

You can fill up to 4 types of syrup, so there are endless ways to make drinks. Recipes can be stored directly in the coffee machine system and prepared fully automatically by touching the corresponding beverage symbol.

Flavour Point Syrup Station is located under the counter.


  • Dimensions: Width: 259 mm, depth: 460 mm, height: 564 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Syrup capacity: 4 bottles (+2 reserve)

Information needed for installation

Coffee Machine Dimensions

H: 730mm
W: 582mm
D: 576mm
Weight: 55kg

Water supply

Ensure there is one washing machine valve per machine, prepared and connected to the mains.


The Schaerer Coffee Soul machine comes in two different models. Our technical team will confirm which model you are receiving. Please see below for the required electricity information for both options.

13 amp model

You require one double 13-amp socket.


16 amp model

Please ensure there is a ready and connected 16-amp socket


We recommend a waste pipe for disposal, which can be either a 1.5 to 2-inch pipe or a bucket/20L drum.

The water and waste supply must be terminated no further than 500mm from the machine.


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