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Schaerer Coffee Skye

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Schaerer Coffee Skye

Offer top-notch quality and the best variety wherever your guests want to enjoy great coffee.

Whether at a restaurant counter or on the terrace for an outdoor event.

The new Schaerer Coffee Skye can be used virtually anywhere! Thanks to its slim dimensions and integrated 4.9 liter water tank, the machine can be placed almost anywhere with a power connection. The Schaerer Coffee Skye offers numerous equipment options and three Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) that can be individually configured according to customer requirements.

Mid-demand areas including:

  • Restaurants and fast food restaurants
  • service station
  • Bakery
  • supermarket
  • Event catering
  • office
  • mobile cart or trailer

Optional features

These and other optional features are available to customize your machine.

Main water supply

In addition to the 4.9 liter water tank, the Schaerer Coffee Skye can be equipped with a permanent water connection. Establishing a connection includes Schaerer Uptime. A descaling system that descales machines overnight.

Pure foam milk system

The Schaerer Coffee Skye is equipped with the new pure foam milk system to offer high beverage quality and a wide range of milk-based specialty coffees. Makes hot and cold milk, and creamy, fine-pored hot milk foam. Supply temperatures for hot milk and milk foam range from 50 °C to 70 °C.

Power steam

The Schaerer Coffee Skye can also be equipped with a Powersteam steam nozzle to froth milk manually. For example, serving a vegan coffee signature dish based on a plant-based drink.

Extra grinder and topping bin

To expand the beverage range, the machine has the option to be equipped with a second grinder (750 g capacity per bean container) and single or twin topping containers (1 x 2000 g or 2 x 1000 g capacity).

Espresso grinder

If you use your grinder primarily for espresso drinks, it’s worth purchasing a special espresso grinding disc. These discs allow you to fine-tune the degree of grinding to get the ideal particle size for extracting the perfect Italian espresso.

Information needed for installation

Coffee Machine Dimensions

H: 680mm
W: 525mm
D: 576mm
Weight: 55kg

Water supply

Ensure there is one washing machine valve per machine, prepared and connected to the mains.


You require one double 13-amp socket.

Please note- Extension leads are not to be used for the power supply.


We recommend a waste pipe for disposal, which can be either a 1.5 to 2-inch pipe or a bucket/20L drum.

The water and waste supply must be terminated no further than 500mm from the machine.


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