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Schaerer Barista

Most advanced espresso machine

Shaerer Barista Espresso

Introducing the Schaerer Barista coffee machine – a perfect blend of traditional and modern technology for the best espresso experience. With its comprehensive set of features, you can start serving the finest coffee in town without any prior experience. All you need is a smile!

The machine comes equipped with a top heater to keep cups warm, ensuring the temperature of both coffee and cup is perfect for that velvety, creamy espresso. The SteamIT feature allows you to instantly steam cups to the right temperature, giving your customers that warm sensation on their lips with the first sip.

The Schaerer Barista coffee machine is designed to automate the process of making the perfect espresso. It comes with two integrated grinders, one for each brewing group, which directly grind the beans into the portafilters. The machine then applies the right tamping pressure before brewing, ensuring consistent quality. You can program up to 12 different recipes, and even use additional blends or decaf thanks to the “external coffee powder” functional button.

No cappuccino or latte macchiato is complete without the fine-pored, creamy foam. The Schaerer Barista coffee machine comes equipped with two smart steam wands: the Powersteam for manual use and the Supersteam for automatic use, with programmable temperature and foam consistency.

The machine continuously adjusts grinding parameters and grind load quantity throughout the day, just like a professional barista. It monitors precise brewing times to determine the right degree of grinding and the right amount of coffee powder to be dispensed in the filter. This feature can be switched off for manual setting.

The extraction of coffee’s aromatic substances depends on the brewing time. Schaerer Barista measures brewing times more precisely, ensuring that you hit the right extraction time for a perfect espresso every time. The machine adjusts to atmospheric conditions, which evolve during the day, delivering consistent top quality.

Experience the coffee-science behind it all with the Schaerer Barista coffee machine.

fully automatic espresso machine


Discover the advantages of traditional espresso culture in a new guise with the Schaerer Barista.

Information needed for installation

Most advanced espresso machine

Coffee Machine Dimensions

H: 592mm
W: 755mm
D: 548mm
Weight: 75kg

Water supply

Ensure there is one washing machine valve per machine, prepared and connected to the mains.


You require a 32-amp, 3-pole isolator switch for single phase.


We recommend a waste pipe for disposal, which can be either a 1.5 to 2-inch pipe or a bucket/20L drum.

The water and waste supply must be terminated no further than 500mm from the machine.


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