010.ie Barista & Bean to cup coffee machines

Sanremo F18 SB


Energy Saving System:

  • Insulation and smart energy management to save more than 20% of energy

SR61 Group Head:

  • Chromed brass group head with thermosiphon circulation system optimized to maintain the ideal coffee extraction temperature

Multifunction Display:

  • Allows to monitor the right functioning of the machine and to program the main functions

Aluminum Die-Cast Legs:

  • Machine support made in die-cast aluminum

Pressure Gauge:

  • Allows to monitor the inlet and pump pressure during extraction

Electronic Auto-Level:

  • Through an electronic level probe, the boiler is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level

Static Relay Boiler Temperature:

  • Allows to regulate the temperature as accurately as possible thanks to the PID algorithm


  • Allows control with 0.1-second tolerance of the flow of water that wets the coffee bed, with the programming of 4 different profiles for each group

High-Performance Volumetric Pump:

  • Pressure stability also with prolonged and contemporary use of more than one group

Group Head Flushing:

  • With a simple pressure of the button, a small quantity of water is dispensed to allow the group to be always clean.

Cup Warmer:

  • Dedicated resistor to keep all the cups at the optimal temperature. Power level programmable by the user

Mixed Infusion Hot Water for Teas:

  • Immediate mixing of cold / hot water for a better chemical and organoleptic quality

Auto-On, Auto-Off, and Day-Off Function:

  • Programmable on-off timer for each day and/or daily timetables
  • Colors: Black or White

Specifications & Product Sheet

  • Water filtration, plug, and receptacle outlet required (sold separately)

Information needed for installation

Coffee Machine Dimensions

H: 512mm
W: 901mm
D: 648mm
Weight: 78kg

Water supply

Ensure there is one washing machine valve per machine, prepared and connected to the mains.


You require a 32-amp, 3-pole isolator switch for single phase.


We recommend a waste pipe for disposal, which can be either a 1.5 to 2-inch pipe or a bucket/20L drum.

The water and waste supply must be terminated no further than 500mm from the machine


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