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Sanremo Cube R

 Available in Black
 Available in White

Other colour options available priced at €3,120 via direct order; please contact our Sales Team directly on 1800 929 140 or info@010.ie.



Sanremo Coffee machines is proud to present the revolutionary CUBE, the new Semi-professional one group model, that follows in the footprints of the Café Racer. An object of desire, advanced technology and minimal design in the “Sanremo style” tradition.

Be your own barista

Barista-standard coffee in your own home, at work, wherever and whenever you want. The CUBE ensures the highest quality coffee experience, cup after cup. It’s time to be your own barista. In its simplicity CUBE allows replicating the beloved bar espresso or cappuccino with the perfect emulsion anywhere. Design and technology are combined in many different ways that make this machine ideal for home living, offices and shops, a hotel room… wherever you are.

 Power, in your hands

With WiFi technology and the CUBE app you can control your machine from your phone Including:

  • Remote machine on/off
  • Manage water tank level
  • Enable and manage water filter signalling
  • Show shot time in real time
  • Statistics: daily, weekly and monthly counters for coffee and water consumption
  • Weekly scheduler to program up to three different “time slot” per day to fit perfectly around your life!


Sanremo CUBE is a latest generation machine, technological and intuitive. The interaction through Web App is in fact simple and fast, and allows anyone, professionals or not, to view and interact simply with all the parameters of the machine: from the water temperature to the statistics up to the programming in time slots to suit the lifestyle of the user. The app works from both smartphones and computers, and allows managing multiple machines simultaneously.


  • 9L heat exchanger boiler stainless steel AISI 316
  • 8L internal water tank / plumbed connection
  • E61 thermosiphon group with mechanical pre-infusion
  • High performance rotary pump (54L/h)
  • Boiler power (1500W/230Vac)
  • 1620W/230Vac total power
  • Energy Saving System
  • User display
  • WiFi connection with Web App
  • Complete set of accessories for user experience,
  • including high grade competition IMS baskets

The CUBE design was studied to combine its compact size with easy cleaning and simple maintenance.


  • Width: 323 mm
  • Depth: 465 mm
  • Height: 369 mm
  • Weight: 22.7 kg

The range starts from €2,999.00 incl tax.


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