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Schaerer Coffee Soul 10/12

Schaerer Coffee Soul 10/12

A versatile bean-to-cup coffee machine that effortlessly creates barista-quality foam and offers hot, cold, dairy, or non-dairy coffee options, making it the perfect addition to any business. With user-friendly controls and stylish design options, it’s the ideal choice for serving top-notch coffee drinks in any setting.

Schaerer Coffee Soul 10/12 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Schaerer Coffee Soul is not ordinary coffee machine. It has Best Foam™ Technology which allows to make barista quality foam for milk-based coffee drinks. Schaerer Coffee Soul offers hot, iced, dairy or non dairy drink options or even both in one coffee machine which makes it the best bean to cup commercial coffee machine in the country. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into your business, whether you run a restaurant, hotel, gas station, convenience store, mobile unit, office, or any place that loves good coffee.

One thing we guarantee: it’s super easy to use. Your customers will love it because it’s intuitive. No confusing buttons or complicated instructions.

Two models:

Schaerer Coffee Soul 10

  • 10.4-inch display.
  • Can be used behind the bar or in a busy kitchen.
  • Easy to operate, so you can make top-notch coffee drinks quickly.

Schaerer Coffee Soul 12

  • Stylish, with led lighting around and eye-catching colours.
  • 12.1-inch high-definition display, perfect for showing off your drinks and even running short promotional videos.
  • Three easy modes make it simple to prepare any coffee your customers desire.


    • Hot & Cold Coffee – You can serve hot or cold coffee effortlessly.
    • Best Foam™ Technology – We’ve got you covered with top-quality milk foam, whether you want it smooth, creamy, or firm.
    • Flavour Points Syrup Station – Add some flavour to your drinks with up to four different syrups.
    • Twin Milk – We offer both fresh milk and non dairy option. Plus, you can have two types of milk on hand with our cooling unit.
    • Additional Coffee Blends – Get creative with up to three different coffee blends.
    • Simultaneous Operation – This means you can make coffee and hot water at the same time.




330mm W x 576mm D x 730mm H




300 beverages per day

Screen size


Water supply