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Schaerer Coffee Skye

Schaerer Coffee Skye

Offers high-quality coffee and wide range selection of beverages, making it ideal for various settings like restaurants, offices, and mobile units due to its compact design. Optional features such as main water supply and manual milk frothing enhance its versatility and beverage options.

Schaerer Coffee Skye Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

High coffee quality and a wide range of delicious drinks! Whether you’re at a restaurant, outdoor event, office or a mobile unit. Its slim size and integrated 4.9-liter water tank allow you to place it almost anywhere with a power outlet.

Perfect for places like:

  • Restaurants and fast-food restaurants
  • Service stations
  • Bakeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Event catering
  • Offices
  • Mobile units or trailers

Optional Features:

  • Main Water Supply: Connect it to a permanent water source.
  • Enjoy a wide range of drinks hot and cold options.
  • Power Steam: Froth milk manually, perfect for crafting unique coffee creations.
  • Extra Grinder and Topping Bin: Expand your beverage options with a second grinder and single or twin topping containers.

330mm W x 576mm D x 680mm H




200 beverages per day

Screen size


Water supply

Main or water tank up to 4.9l