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Zoe Competition

Sanremo Zoe Competition

The Sanremo Zoe Competition espresso machine is the perfect addition to any coffee shop, café, or restaurant. With its stunning design, professional output, and unique features, the Zoe Competition stands out from the competition.

The electronic auto-level feature ensures that the boiler is filled and maintained at the right level, while the pre-infusion system evenly douses coffee grounds for consistent and delicious extractions. Thermal control ensures temperature stability during repeated use, and the automatic cleaning cycle allows for simultaneous cleaning and serving.

The Zoe Competition also features a shot timer for consistency and accuracy, and cool-touch steam wand for safety and ease of cleaning. The machine is designed to embrace specialty coffee with a larger portafilter and 18g basket, and focused LED lights above the extraction area for monitoring extraction quality.

Constructed from a durable all-in-one build material, the Zoe Competition is compact and efficient, making it the perfect choice for a small café or busy office. Add style and elegance to your establishment while serving consistently delicious espresso with the Sanremo Zoe Competition espresso machine.

Dimensions for 2 group:

720 mm W x 528mm D x 537mm H


55 (kg)

Steam boiler capacity:

9 Litres



Power input:


Other features:

Shot timer
Multi-function touch display and temperature display
PID Electronic Temperature Control
Dual read gauges
Automatic cleaning cycle
Electronic programmed dosage (4 doses + continuous)
Programmable on-off timer for each day and/ or daily timetables
System digital display to visualize all controls
External Volumetric Pump