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F18 SB

Sanremo F18SB

Sanremo S18SB espresso machine – the perfect combination of energy-saving technology, precision brewing, and elegant design. With its advanced Energy Saving System, this machine is optimized for insulation and smart energy management, resulting in energy savings of over 20%.

Featuring a chromed brass SR61 group head with thermosiphon circulation system, the S18SB is designed to maintain the ideal coffee extraction temperature for a perfect cup every time. The multifunction display allows you to monitor the machine’s status and program the main functions, while the aluminum die-cast legs provide sturdy support.

The pressure gauge enables you to monitor the inlet and pump pressure during extraction, and the electronic auto-level ensures that the boiler is always filled and maintained to the right level. The static relay boiler temperature allows for accurate temperature regulation with the help of the PID algorithm, and the pre-infusion feature allows you to control the flow of water with a 0.1-second tolerance, with programming options for four different profiles for each group.

Thanks to its high-performance volumetric pump, the S18SB can maintain pressure stability even with prolonged and simultaneous use of multiple groups. The group head flushing function allows for easy cleaning, and the cup warmer with dedicated resistor keeps all cups at the optimal temperature.

For tea lovers, the mixed infusion hot water feature allows for the immediate mixing of hot and cold water, ensuring better chemical and organoleptic quality. The auto-on, auto-off, and day-off function can be programmed for each day and/or daily timetables.

Available in black or white, the Sanremo S18SB espresso machine is the ultimate choice for those who demand precision brewing, energy efficiency, and stylish design.

Dimensions for 2 group:

901mm W x 648mm D x 512mm H



Steam boiler capacity:

12 Litres



Power input:


Other features:

Single-boiler heat exchange system
Cool touch steam wands
Multi-function touch display and temperature display
PID Electronic Temperature Control
Programmable pre-infusion
Automatic cleaning cycle
Electronic programmed dosage (4 doses + continuous)
Volumetric Control
Programmable on-off timer for each day and/ or daily timetables
System digital display to visualize all controls
Programmable cup warmer temperature