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Rocket RE A Timer

As the demand for speciality coffee becomes stronger worldwide, so too are the demands on espresso machine performance by todays baristas

Rocket Espresso understands those demands as we have an extensive background in coffee roasting and barista training and we  understand the importance of roasted coffee quality, barista knowledge and espresso machine performance.

We believe temperature stability to be one of the most important factors in espresso machine design and produce machines with a superior thermo siphon system layout, handmade from the very best materials available.

Rocket Espresso. Quality, innovation and craftsmanship for those passionate about producing the finest espresso possible.

The new RE A Timer from Rocket Espresso RE A Timer stands 70MM lower than the previous version offering a reduced height, whilst still retaining both tall and regular cup versions in a newly designed body work.

RE A Timer features:

  • Heavy duty brewing heads (5.1 kg) with dual pre-infusion system (static and electronic)
    – Thermosiphon system
  • Stainless steel bodywork (AISI 304) – black version by request
  • Best quality copper boiler with external protective nickel plating
  • Pressure transducer technologies are retained to ensure optimum brewing control and thermal stability
  • Cooltouch stainless steel steam wands
  • Automatic backflush cycle.
  • standard features now include shot timers for each group