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Rocket Espresso Water Reservoir Filter


Rocket Espresso Water Reservoir Filter  anti-calcium pack


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With the Rocket Espresso Water Reservoir Filter, you’ll have crisp, clean water with the right amount of minerals to extract a tasty espresso shot. Installation involves moistening the filter and placing it in the water tank. This handy filter will fit Appartamento, Mozzafiato, Giotto, R58 & R60 machines, and many other brands with water tanks as well. Besides providing optimal water quality users will notice a reduction in scale buildup.


These little water filter bags can be really handy for any hand-filled coffee machine, small beads covered in special resin to attract the temporary hardness out of the water before it gets into your machine and produces Limescale. It will not erase limescale but for sure will slow down the danger of limescale build-up.


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Rocket Series

2021 Early Bird Pre-Order; Secure your machine and receive two accessories and a selection of specialty coffee free.

  1. 500ml Motta milk jug – polished finish
  2. Knock box – polished finish.
  3. Three 350gram bags of specialty coffee to enjoy.

Combined worth: €112.00

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