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Liquid Frappé & Granita Base


1.9 Litre

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Creating endless combinations of thick smooth frappés and ice-cold granita’s is easy with Sweetbird Liquid Frappé & Granita Base. This base blends perfectly with any number of Sweetbird products, from fruit-filled purées and smoothies to the creative and classic flavours of Sweetbird syrups. The neutral base allows other ingredients to burst through while giving frappés a silky smooth consistency. With only two pumps needed for a 12oz drink Sweetbird Frappé & Granita base adds a little sweetness, and in true Sweetbird fashion is approved by The Vegan Society, making it perfect to use with non-dairy milk and espresso for a house frappé.

Order the Sweetbird Liquid Frappé & Granita Base pump for a consistent 10ml dose each time.

  • Neutral flavour
  • 25% less sugar in 1 portion of Sweetbird Liquid Frappé & Granita Base (20ml), compared to Sweetbird Vanilla Bean Frappé (40g)
  • 20ml needed to make 12oz frappé or granita
  • Base ingredient to add purées and syrups to make frappés & granita’s
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours
  • Free from GMOs
  • Vegan Society approved



2kg Tin