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Eureka Under-the-Grinder Automatic Tamper for Atom


Eureka Under-the-Grinder Automatic Tamper for Atom


Due mid April

Available on back-order

Eureka Under-the-Grinder Automatic Tamper for Atom: a smart addition to your coffee setup. It’s made to work seamlessly with your Atom grinder, making your coffee routine smoother and saving space on your counter.

Fast Tamping: It takes just 1.5 seconds to tamp your coffee, making your workflow faster.

Automatic Portafilter Recognition: It’s smart – it knows when your portafilter is ready, making the process faster and safer.

Adjustable Pressure: You can customize the pressure from 10 to 30 kilos, ensuring your tamping is consistent every time.

Compact Design: It’s designed to fit neatly under your grinder, saving space on your counter.

Single or Double Tamping: You can choose between single or double tamping, depending on your preference.

Easy Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze with the included kit, which has everything you need to keep it in top condition.

Universal Fork: It’s adjustable and works with any type of filter holder.

Durable: It’s built to last, capable of handling at least 200,000 tamps.

Materials & Dimensions: It’s made of metal with rubber feet for stability. The tamper diameter is 58mm, fitting most standard portafilters.

Tamper diameter:



6,5 kg

Tamping speed:


Pressing force:

10 – 30kg


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