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Eureka Mignon Silenzio


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Silent Technology

Silent grind everywhere: coffee shop and home

The exclusive anti-vibration solution reduces the grinding noise by approximately 20 dB compared to the conventional grinders and paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: accurate and quiet.

ACE System

Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity

Conceived to prevent the clumps development and eliminate the electrostatic charge of ground coffee, the ACE System is the common denominator in every Eureka on-demand grinder. Due to its regulating action over the coffee outflow, ACE System ensures an incomparable cleanliness and dose consistency.

Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)

Patented by Eureka, it assures incomparable setting precision and saving of time and coffee

Micrometric system with infinite adjustment points, the only one based on the lower burr repositioning, guarantees incomparable grinding performances and allows to carry out maintenance operations without losing the grinding setting.

Panel colour

Black, Grey (with polished front)


flat 50mm/ hardened steel




310 watt


Single phase

Bean hopper capacity:

300 gr

Productivity (g/s):

1,2 – 1,6


H 350 x W 120 x D 180 mm


5.6 kg


Sound-insulated Case – A thick metal case filled with rubber mounts, gaskets, and covers make for muted sound and low resonance.
Stepless 50mm Burrs – Sized for the home, the Silenzio's 50mm burrs are built from resilient, hardened steel.
Bottom-Burr Adjust – By adjusting below the motor mount, you can remove the top burr for cleaning without losing your grind setting.
Timed Dosing – Adjust the timer on the side of the case to grind your ideal dose.
Redesigned Chute – A brand new assembly from the original Mignon, the Silenzio's chute is wider, sound insulated, and features anti-clumping technology.


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