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Eureka Atom W65/ W75
Grind by Weight


Eureka Atom W65/ W75 – Grind by Weight


Due mid April

Eureka Atom W65 / W75 Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder features silent grinding and precise grind by weight technology, ensuring quiet operation and perfectly measured coffee every time. Its high-speed grind dispersion and user-friendly touch display deliver fast service without sacrificing quality, all within a durable design built to last.

Instant Grind Weighing Technology: The grinder weighs the coffee as it grinds, ensuring you get the perfect amount every time.

Silent Grinding: This grinder reduces noise by about 20 decibels compared to regular ones. It makes grinding coffee both accurate and quiet.

High Speed Grinding Dispersion: This machine is super quick at dispensing coffee, thanks to a special design. It serves customers faster while keeping the coffee quality high.

Stepless Micrometric Regulation System: This system lets you adjust the grind to your liking with extreme precision. It’s easy to maintain without losing your preferred grind setting.

High Speed Maintenance: Cleaning and replacing parts is a breeze. You can quickly dismantle the grinder with just 9 screws, saving time and coffee.

ACE System: This feature prevents clumps from forming and gets rid of any static electricity in the ground coffee. It keeps things clean and ensures consistent doses.

All-Purpose Adjustable “Hands-Free” Fork: This handy fork supports different types of portafilters and lets baristas multitask while grinding coffee.

Touch Display with IPS Technology: The simple touch display is easy to use and doesn’t have confusing buttons.

Built to Last: This grinder is built tough and durable, so it’ll keep making great coffee for years to come.


W65, W75


flat 65mm/ 75mm – hardened steel

Dispensing system:

coloured display (touch), dose counter, spotlight on filter holder


W65 – 1370
W75 – 1400


Single phase

Bean hopper capacity:

1,2 kg

Productivity (g/s):

W65 – 2 – 3,5
W75 – 3,3 – 4,8


540 mm H x 180mm W x 240mm D


W65 – 11,5 Kg
W75 – 12 Kg