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Ethiopia Limu



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Earl grey  | Lemon | Floral


Ethiopia Limu

About This Coffee

Telila washing station receives cherry from coffee-producing communities across Gera, Djimma in Ethiopia. Some of the names you may recognize from their association with well-known specialty-producing cooperatives are Genji Challa, Sedi Loya, Yukro, Kolla, and Kecho Anderacha.

This coffee is cultivated in the Western part of Ethiopia near the forests that are the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Limu and Djimma, another popular coffee-producing region, overlap. The region shares many characteristics with the Southern regions, especially Yirgacheffe and Sidamo, coffees from the three regions also share the floral notes and citric acidity. Limu is known for having a fuller body than the other two regions.


Roaster suggestion :

This coffee is full-bodied so start at 18 grams with 40 grams in the cup, brew it over 25 seconds for espresso, adjust from there for your preferred taste.


350g, 1kg


Wholebean, Ground for espresso, Ground for filter


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