Schaerer Barista

Traditional Espresso Culture in a new dimension.

The Hybrid Espresso Machine 

What you need to know?

This machine will help you produce barista quality latte art coffees with no inconsistency regardless of user. It makes a Barista out of everyone.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Schaerer Barista coffee machine:

Is it a bean to cup machine? Yes 

Does the machine use fresh milk? Yes 

Is the machine easy to clean? Yes, just place a cleaning tablet in the portafilter fitted with a backflush disk, insert it into the machine and start the automatic cleaning process. 

What size beverages does the machine produce? Like all traditional machines it produces flexible beverage sizes 

Does the machine come with a milk fridge? No

Does the machine produce chocolate drinks? No

What power does the machine need? 3 phases 16 AMP 

Does the machine need mains water? The machine needs to be connected to mains water 

Does the machine come with a warranty? The machine comes with 1 year fully comprehensive parts and labour warranty, excluding misuse of equipment and limescale damage. 

How many cups per day will the machine produce? Up to 300 cups per day 

Schaerer Barista Brochure


The Schaerer Barista combines pure espresso pleasure and the classic flair of a portafilter machine with the skills of a Barista and the convenience of a fully automatic coffee machine. The hybrid technology of the Schaerer espresso machine provides an interesting alternative for professional baristas. 

You will be surprised how easy it is to prepare a perfect Italian espresso with the Schaerer Barista. All you have to do is insert the portafilter and press the button – and a tasty espresso will pour straight into the cup. The machine can provide single, double or triple espressos via a single or double outlet, and the portafilter is detected automatically. The Schaerer Barista will also dispense the exact amount of coffee, grind it and tamp it automatically for you. This not only ensures that the desired recipe is followed precisely, but also guarantees the consistent flavour and high quality of the beverages.

With two steam wands, you can choose between manual milk frothing or automatic preparation via supersteam. 

Little coffee knowledge requied, minimal amount of training needed with easy automatic cleaning. 

  • Automatic portafilter detection 
  • Heated cup storage
  • Touch display for easy operation 
  • Steam systems for milk foam
  • Up to twelve beverage recipes can be stored in total 
  • Cup tray can be raised for clean beverage dispensing. 
  • Two integrated grinders grind the coffee directly into the portafilter. Automatic tamping with optimum compression pressure. 
  • Separate hot water outlet with two dispensing buttons for different beverage sizes. 
  • External unit for grounds cakes


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