Schaerer Coffee Soul

The best and most consistent milk foam in the market.

What do you really need to know?

The Soul does the best and most consistent milk foam for your Cappuccino and Latte in the market- Milk is foamed to barista standard.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Schaerer Coffee Soul machine: 

Is it a bean to cup machine? Yes 

Does the machine use fresh milk? Yes 

Is the machine easy to clean? Yes

What size beverages does the machine produce? The Schaerer Coffee Soul produces the following beverages: Standard crockery cup (7oz), Medium size mmug (10oz), Large Mug/Take Away Cup (12oz) and Large Travel Cup/Take Away Cup (16oz) 

Does the machine come with a milk fridge? Yes

Does the machine produce chocolate drinks? Yes

What power does the machine need? Single Phase 16 AMP or 3 phase for ultra high preformance

Does the machine need mains water? Yes

Does the machine come with a warranty? The machine comes with 1 year fully comprehensive parts and labour warranty, excluding misuse of equipment and limescale damage. 

How many cups per day will the machine produce? The machine will produce in access of 250 12/16 oz cups per day. 

Schaerer Coffee Soul Brochure

Further Information

This brand new model range will feature Best Foam Technology as well as the newly patented Uptime descaling system that allows your staff to de-scale your machine over night preventing any lime scale related issues. This is also backed up with the fully automatic cleaning programme for the coffee and milk system.

The new Coffee Soul is only 33 centimeters wide which is great for back bar counters where space is a premium. There is also a brand new 8″ touch screen display which can be used for staff operation or self service mode as well as:

  • Two 1.2kg bean hoppers and a hot chocolate/milk powder canister are standard.
  • A 10 litre milk fridge can be positioned either side of the machine

The Schearer Coffee Soul is ideal for offices, small restaurants, coffee bars, golf courses and car dealerships.



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