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Schaerer Coffee Art Best Foam: Finesse Of A Barista
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Schaerer machines offer absolute consistency from drink to drink, steaming milk and pulling shots without the need for weeks of barista training. Milk steaming and frothing automatically shuts off at the preset temperature and each espresso shot is freshly ground, tamped and dispensed with the push of a button. User-friendly displays reduce training time and chances for error, even walking the user through simple automated cleaning steps with clear instructions. This automation makes our machines easy to use and ideal for busy locations.

Ideal for small restaurants, small canteens, clubs, convienence stores and small cafes and coffee shops.


  • Steam wand with proprietary air injection and auto shut-off
  • PEEK steam wand material lowers the wand’s surface temperature
  • Steams 32oz (1Ltr) of milk in 1 minute
  • Milk foamer designed for daily or weekly disposal
  • Automated cleaning system with minimal staff attendance
  • No measuring or adding water during cleaning
  • Delivers 16oz lattes and cappuccinos in less than 30 seconds
  • 7” Touch Screen & USB Port
  • Menu flexibility and customized marketing display
  • Beautiful, crisp display for custom beverage layouts and graphics
  • Easy-to-follow animated cleaning instructions
  • USB port with onboard intelligence runs on Microsoft Windows platform and is able to read, recognize and execute file extensions for easy data transfer
  • USB stick ready
  • One touch operation for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Fast delivery of 16oz beverages in under 30 seconds
  • Disposable milk frother avoids common milk performance issues
  • Up to two milk types
  • Minimal training required
  • Flexible self-serve or staff attended setup
  • Two separate boilers allow continuous production of steam and espresso
  • Optional nonstick and heat resistant PEEK steam wand with finesteam accommodates multiple milk types
  • 100-120 cappuccinos/lattes per hour (16oz cup)
  • Optional steam wand steams 32oz of milk in 1 minute
  • Compressor driven refrigerator accommodates up to 2 gallon jugs
  • Two bean hoppers with dedicated grinders each hold up to 2.2 lbs
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Dimensions (WxHxD) 34.4 x 56.0 x 53.8 cm
Weight 25 kg
Daily brewing capacity about 120 cups per. day
Water Tank Fixed water connection
Bean container 1 x 1200 g or 2 x 600 g
Voltage 230 V
Display Touch color
Memory Function Yes
Automatic cappuccino function Yes
Automatic shutoff Yes
Cleaning System Yes
Whole beans Yes
Cocoa option Yes
Chai option Yes
Pitcher function Yes
Manual steam steamer Yes

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Processes up to four syrup flavours and liquids containing alcohol
Programming of the relevant syrup, milk and coffee mixture to suit the beverage and the taste
An extraordinarily wide range of beverages – one machine. There are more than 400 potential individual beverages made from coffee, milk, milk foam and four syrup flavours (in two sizes)
Easy cleaning

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Schaerer Coffee Art Best Foam machine: 

Is it a bean to cup machine? Yes

Does the machine use fresh milk? Yes 

Is the machine easy to clean? Yes, the machine is easy to clean. It comes with an automatic rinsing function 

What size beverages does the machine produce? The Coffee Art Best Foam produces both 12 and 16 oz drinks. 

Does the machine come with a milk fridge? Yes

Does the machine produce chocolate drinks? Yes.

Can you make flavoured drinks? Yes, This machine also comes with an optional flavour point. It comes with an optional Sirup system with up to four different flavour types

What power does the machine need? Single Phase 16 AMP 

Does the machine need mains water? The machine can be connected to mains water and it can also run on its own internal water tank. 

Does the machine come with a warranty? The machine comes with 1 year fully comprehensive parts and labour warranty, excluding misuse of equipment and limescale damage. 

How many cups per day will the machine produce? The machine can produce in excess of 350 cups per day. 


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