The Rocket R9.... What We Know So Far

Rocket Espresso's answer for cafés the world-over, the R9 automatic espresso machine offers a design dedicated for individual control of each brew group.
Each group head has its own 1.9-liter boiler, variable temperature PID, shot timer, and automatic control cluster. Supporting this granular system is a massive 9-liter steam boiler equipped with sensitive pressure transducers that help reduce recovery times for your busiest mornings.

Of course, the service-ready design of the internals come in Rocket Espresso's classic polished steel casing.

Dedicated Boilers - individual brew boilers for each group and a large quick-recovery steam boiler offer consistent temperatures all day long.
Executive Electronics - PID temperature control for each boiler, high-tech transducer pressure sensors and automatic shot timers make the R9 easy to use for busy baristas.
Barista Basics - Tall feet and a low control stance put the R9 control cluster within easy reach. No-burn steam wands are easy to clean and save precious minutes when it counts.

Expected in Mid November - Enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or hit the chat button to talk to us now

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