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Eureka Helios 75 Grinder

Performance + precision

The Eureka Helios 75 is indeed a high-end coffee grinder that offers advanced features and performance for coffee shops. It features a powerful 75mm flat burr set and a dose-on-demand system that can grind the exact amount of coffee needed for each shot. The Helios 75 also has a programmable grind time that allows for consistent and precise dosing, which is crucial for the quality and consistency of espresso shots. Additionally, its compact design and low noise level make it an ideal choice for coffee shops that have limited counter space and want to maintain a quiet atmosphere for their customers. Overall, the Eureka Helios 75 is top-notch coffee grinders that can help coffee shops take their espresso preparation to the next level.

The range starts from €1,040 incl tax

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