The World’s First Cup
Made From Cups.

100% Leakproof

100% recyclable

10 year lifespan

Drink from any angle

insulated layers

bpa & melamine free

Circular & Co Cups

A cup you really can recycle

There is a big difference between recyclable and actually recycled. Other reusable cups may claim to be recyclable – but they’re often made from materials that you can’t put out with your household recycling.  For example, most local authorities can’t process Silicon which features heavily on many reusable cups despite it being a recyclable material.

Circular Now cup 12oz

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Circular&Co 8oz cup

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Circular&Co 12oz cup

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The power of circular design

5.4 Million

Since 2018 5.4 million used cups have been given a new longer life as Circular cups. Circular Products reduce future waste.

187 Million

187 Million single-use cups could have been saved from contaminating our environment. This is the power of a circular economy.

17 Billion

During the life of one Circular Cup, 17 billion single-use cups will have been saved from use. Circular Design means waste isn’t unnecessarily produced.

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Circular Now cup 12oz
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Circular&Co 8oz cup
Circular&Co 12oz cup
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